Total Value Locked?

Right now for 100 ETH deposit, am I understanding it right that the anonymity pool of 14479 means that there are 14,479 deposits of 100 ETH, meaning the total locked value for just this contract = 1.4 million ETH, which is $3.4 billion in value at a price of $2330 per ETH?

Is there any place to see the actual, aggregated statistics?

The one page I found (Tornado Cash (TORN) $ 499.403M: Total Value Locked (TVL), Historical Charts & others Data >> Stelareum) also reports very different numbers - 211,000 ETH, as opposed to the minimum of 1.4 million ETH which I calculated above for just 1 contract.

theres a lot of eth in the tornado:

Thanks. So my numbers were right, looks like the stelareum analytics page was wrong.