Transaction Dropped & Replaced

i had despoit 0.1 eth with low gas price. and i replacing the transaction with a higher gas price. but your system still wait this despoit on old txid ,how should i do? can i get my 0.1 eth back??

low gas price tran id

new tran id

The UI doesn’t know you have replaced the transaction, but you can still use the same note to withdraw it.

After refreshing the page, the application checks all transactions that are in the pending status and should replace the transaction hash, but u can use note.

@George_Huang got the same topic. how much time does it take that the system realizes the different tx? the note doesnt work; and the gui is still waiting for receipt; but the (newer) tx took place 3h ago.

thanks a lot!

Hi there! Same happened to me. 5h of “Waiting for Receipt”.
Tx shows “dropped and replaced”. How did you guys solve this ?
Just waited it out ?