Update TORN coingecko page to track TVL

Presently, the coin gecko page for Tornado Cash does not display the Total Value Locked in the protocol: Coin gecko page for $TORN

Now that Total Value Locked in Tornado has reached a new all time high of $367.3 Million Dollars, and with Proposal #5 about to execute in 2 days which will lead to even more deposits of WBTC and DAI/CDAI, we should strongly consider updating the coin gecko page to track the TVL, similar to other large DEFI protocols.

The benefits for this are obvious:

  1. General education, having more information about the status of the protocol is good for people who want to know more about it at first glance.

  2. It is a valuable surface to attract new AP miners - growing the TVL of TORN and thus boosting security for new and existing users. This is more relevant now that we have enabled AP mining for new pools and want to attract deposits to them.

Here are some examples of protocols that have TVL tracked on their coingecko pages:

Thoughts? I believe the team would have to reach out to their coingecko contacts to make this update, but Iā€™d really like to see it happen some time in the near future!

Should TORN add Total Value Locked Statistics to our coingecko page?
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  • No

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Same could be done in Etherscan ?
We are not listed on top defi tools. I dont know how to reach them :


Anyone can reach out to the Coingecko team.

This is a community driven project after all, doers are those in power.

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