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Hello everyone, my colleague and I have just published our first article on past proposals.
Please feel free to give us your feedback on this and future articles, we would be happy to cover topics that are important to you.

WUTornado Medium link


Great job guys, good to have TC history documented :+1:


Hello everyone, we have just published our second article on the latest multi-sig proposal! Feel free to give us your opinion and above all: Go vote!

Article link : What’s Up Tornado — The Community Is Brought Up To Light


@Rezan, can you allow Chinese in the forum? Or do I have to translate everything before posting?

Thanks for the article bt11ba, I voted for proposition 7!
It would be great to have the article translated into Chinese!


Hello, I do think its better to write in english directly, as a majority of the community speaks english.

Feel free to translate our articles, as I said on the Telegram Tornado cash cn, we will publish it on our Medium. In the future, we may publish the articles in several languages, indeed.

Thank you for reading our article, and for your vote on the last proposal !


This is a great way to give information to the community & non-Tornado users. Keep it up. Thank you for article 1 which summarizes the previous proposals very well. :+1:t5: :+1:t5:


I am French and I would find it interesting to have articles in French. I thought I saw on your Twitter that you are in France. If so, can we talk by private message? I would like to propose you my services :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey! Np, send me a msg on Discord : I have this username : bt11ba - WUTornado.

Unfortunately I don’t really have time to translate articles. However, I will try to put you in touch with an experienced translator.
Good luck for the future, I look forward to seeing your next articles.

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Hey guys!
We just published an article about potential features within Tornado v2.
Article link - What’s Up Tornado — Buy the Rumors & the News…

Feel free to give us your opinion!


Great article @bt11ba, you covered pretty much everything expected with Tornado V2. Well done!

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I can translate these articles into spanish. The most languages the better

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Let’s keep in touch in PM! Would be awesome, really!!

Hey guys !
We have just published an article concerning Binance listing.
Article link : What’s Up Tornado — Weather Announcement Made by Binance

As always, feel free to give us your opinion!