Adding mixing fees and ditributing them among token holders

I propose to add 0.2% mixing fees to Tornado Cash that are charged for mixing services when using Tornado Cash app and distribute them among token holders. That will make an interest to hold TORN tokens for long term and the token holders will not sell them immediately after getting them meaning that the price will go higher and higher. As for now, i dont see any reason to hold them for long term, thats why i propose this.


It was discussed multiple times already:

My opinion on protocol fees is still the same. It makes sense but it is too early. See my comment here:


If its too early, when do you think the right time would be?
I don’t mean to sound sarcastic at all, I’m genuinely asking you what conditions need to be met for you to think a fee is warranted (TVL or otherwise)

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why do you think it’s too early? what negative impact could giving a percentage of fees to token holders/stakers have?

The current contracts are immutable, so it’s not easy to just slap a fee on top of them.

A solution to this would be to modify the software relayers run, and have say 1/5 of whichever fee they chose to charge transferred to a new “managed treasury” smart contract.
Having said this, as I already stated I don’t see this as an immediate priority.

In my view the introduction of a fee to use the protocol needs to be matched with additional value / functions / usability / etc. Gotta say that the introduction of decentralized governance and subsequent establishment of an initial community constitute per se an improvement. Personally, I would like to see at the very least this idea by ethdev see the light before we move on to consider establishing revenue streams.

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