Anonymity Mining Questions

Hi, new here. How do I find out info on AM, such as when did it start (because it’s only for 1 year yr duration, right?), how do the AP/TORN numbers fluctuate (is historical info available), and so what kind of return could I expect? Is there a way to look up current numbers? I have seen spreadsheets but I’m wondering about the variable numbers.

Also why was the decision made to do it for only 1 year? I suppose it was functioning fine before that, since the user is paying all the smart contract fees, but why incentivise behavior for 1 yr since the ppl who are here for yield farming are just going to pull out the money after 1 year, and it will have no long-term effect?

I see one of the questions was answered here: AP/TORN exchange rate?
but I don’t have an Info or Stats button at the top of the page, maybe I have to connect a wallet.