Anonymity Mining Spreadsheet

I made a Google Sheets spreadsheet to calculate anonymity mining potential profitability:

I might have made a mistake; if I did, please let me know, I’ll fix it.

The big unknowns that should make you not trust the return-on-investment numbers are the future price of gas, TORN and the TORN-to-AP conversion rate. I’ve used current prices and rates, but I expect those to be very different in a month or three. If you want to see what the ROI would be with different assumptions, feel free to make a copy of the spreadsheet and play with the numbers.

And if you get inspired to tackle any of the TODO’s, please share your work!


Such a sheet should not be published. Please think about the reasons why they are not officially announced.


Can you elaborate? It seems like something that wouldn’t be officially announced because it’s not “official”. The rates change, as OP mentioned. Aside from that, I am having trouble thinking of a reason for OP not to post this.

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Do you want to attract apes who deposit 1B to big data protocol or fei?

They will only throw torn away and will not contribute to the development of the project and the community.

I wouldn’t be worried about that. Like anything, there is risk involved still. The rates are not guaranteed. And if they did do it, I don’t think them then selling off their TORN would be so bad. People who do care can pick those TORN up, in that case.

The only worrisome outcome would be if they specifically did participate and voted in a hostile way, trying to keep their profits as high as possible. Of course, that would be counter-intuitive as it would negatively affect the price of TORN if they were doing that. Unless you envision an entire campaign to hijack this community with bad actors and pumpers.

Personally I think adoption is good. Bring on the whales. Be unafraid.

I will clearly disagree.
The release of such a sheet will anger ape, which does not understand well when AP fluctuates, and most importantly, it will anger the participants of the community so far and cause the quality of the community to decline.
No one will be happy.

I recommend that delete it.

I mean, OP specifically says that there are big unknowns, and explains them. They even say that they’re not certain that there are no mistakes.

What will confuse people and anger the community is suppressing good information. Good information is the most valuable thing, and I think you’re insane for recommending that OP not share his hard work with the community.

If we can’t share information among each other, how do you rate the quality of the community based on that?

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Quality of the community, and good information, are not about ROI, but about the future and function of TornadoCash i mean.

Again, please think about the reasons why they are not officially announced.
This is going to be a sterile debate, so I’ll stop here.

I could add a “what-if” scenario to the spreadhseet: what if the price of gas/AP/TORN all double by the time you claim/exchange your AP? That might slow down the ‘apes’ – it is definitely risky to think you can lock up 0.1 ETH for a couple of months and still make more on TORN than you spent on fees.

The debate over whether or not to decrease AP rewards for the 0.1ETH pool is the main reason I decided to make the spreadsheet public now. Anybody who has deposited into that pool in the last month will almost certainly lose money if they withdraw now.

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I think there’s a bug in the first row, you’re calculating for 0.5 ETH deposits instead of 0.1.

Also, it might make sense to add an APY column? Not sure why you decided to stop at 6 months.

In regards to the discussion about this needing to be ‘secret’ information or not: there are a lot of moving parts to the mining process and I believe the more people understand it the better. Such a spreadsheet is a great way to play with its factors and get a better intuition.

As always: DYOR. And I believe this sheet is a great tool in that research. Thank you @Archie.


There was a bug, fixed now-- thanks!

There is no APY column because I thought that would be misleading-- you can’t deposit for a whole year (anonymity mining is scheduled to be over before then). I know lots of other projects project even daily returns out to APYs… but that’s just wishful thinking.

To leak alpha, or to not leak alpha - that is the question.

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I updated the spreadsheet with the 0.1ETH change that was just voted in (4-AP-per-block instead of 10) and that will take effect in two days.

Am I understanding this correctly. At current state of AP/TORN rate and current price, a 100eth deposit is earning ~2.4torn per day??

Good job. May be them too busy to announce it by themselves.


100ETH deposits earn 400AP per block. Miners are producing about 6,500 blocks per day, so 6500*400 divided by the current AP per torn rate… and yeah, you get ~2.4 TORN earned per day.

I added DAIMining and WBTCMining sheets to the Google Sheet-- rewards for depositing into the DAI Tornado contracts look pretty good.

I’d add cDAI, but want a way to get the cDAI-to-USD exchange rate into the spreadsheet. And I’m not sure how to think about or handle the return you get on cDAI or the fact you don’t earn COMP if your cDAI is sitting in one of the Tornado cDAI contracts.

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Wow, if TORN ever goes back to 400usd that is 1kusd per day. Most likely it will keep going down tho.

One possible piece of your puzzle: Crypto market data in Google Sheets - Cryptowatch Guides. I say possible because it requires an API key and I’m not sure how many hits the sheet gets per day.


I added a cDAI sheet.

And I made all the prices dynamic. After looking at several ways of doing that, I ended up writing a couple of custom spreadsheet javascript functions that use the etherscan API to access on-chain data (and caching lookups for five minutes so I shouldn’t run into requests-per-second limits).


Thank you for the spreadsheet. It’s quite accurate.

You may want to link up that thread on fees associated with using Tornado Cash.

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