High Yield Farming with WBTC on Tornado Cash: more people should know about this

Tornado Cash now supports WBTC. Cherry on top: you get generously rewarded when doing so.

Tornado Cash is rather established compared to other projects where WBTC can be used to farm with similar APR.

WBTC is also rather established compared to its competitors, it is a massive addressable market and the amount of WBTC in circulation is growing fast.

TLDR: we need to get the word out, so please share the news in relevant communities (in their discord or forum) much like what someone did for DAI and CDAI Farming on MakerDAO Forum

Estimated APR:

  • if depositing 1 WBTC for one month, you get rewarded 4.10% (49.20% APR)

See the estimations in details on:

Fees can be a bit heavy. See below:

Where we can see up to date APY or a guide how to calculate it our selves or a calculator?
Giving people possibility to estimate their yield easy will allow much more people to participate.

People don’t like to shoot in the dark.
I know you estimated an APY above, but that will change fast.

You’ve just got to multiply the AP reward per block value for the relative denomination of any of complying assets (see proposal #5), by how many blocks are in a day on the Ethereum network (around 6450) to get your totaled amount of AP accrued per day.

Divide this value by the AP-TORN rate (found here), to get an average estimation of the amount of TORN earned per day. Multiply this by 365 to equate to a yearly basis to then multiply by the current market price. Then finally calculate this as a percentage of your original deposits USD value to get the APY.

A previous community member made an AP mining calculator on google sheets for ETH deposits that you could check out to get an idea of the computation, see it here.