Enable anonymity mining on DAI/cDAI/WBTC pools

Now we have new pools for DAI/cDAI/WBTC with amounts that make sense, but they lack enough deposits to achieve any meaningful privacy. I think we should bootstrap them by enabling anonymity mining on them.

Personally I think at least DAI and cDAI pools have great potential to be utilized by regular users (that are there for privacy and not mining), not sure if WBTC gets enough interest.

And getting enough liquidity into cDAI pools means governance can start earning COMP tokens.


Yes please!

It should be easy enough to get 25,000 votes on a proposal like this since so many people are loving the ETH anonimity mining pool.

This would benefit tornado long term too and attract a lot of DAI holders and compound.finance users who probably wouldn’t use or don’t know the platform exists at all.

是的,支持 DAI、cDAI、WBTC 池子的开通,因为 DAI、cDAI、WBTC 这3种资产是 DeFi 基础资产,受众较大,影响较大,请尽快发起投票合约吧!Tornadocash 会建立更大的影响力,并且为以太坊生态创造更多的价值。

Agreed, WBTC would be a great addition too. Let’s get a real proposal going as soon as possible!

Add TORN pool, then enable anonymity mining on TORN pool

Since it is community governance, please add the TORN pool and let everyone vote to decide

I support enabling mining for dai/cdai/wbtc

In addition to this, can we add TORN 1/10/100 pools and put that up for a governance vote? It seems to be by far the most popular request from the community at the moment, we should vote on it rather than ignore it. It would also add utility to the torn token, which could have a positive feedback loop effect on our other pools - exactly what we need to grow TVL.


Now we have more tokens circulating due to the release of miner tokens after deploying the new AP mining contract. so 25000 should be easier to reach than it is before.


WBTC is a popular asset on DeFi space

Again, May be its interesting thing that try add TORN into mining poll.

Good idea, agree on enabling anonimity mining on all of those.
Not the greatest fan of wBTC but I think it’s an important one to bootstrap as there will always be users who prefer to maintain exposure towards bitcoin rather than eth or usd.

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Before enabling more anonymity pools it would be a good idea to figure out the way to stabilize the price fluctuation of Torn first. Miners duping their earnings just scaring away more potential users.

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Well, not really, if the users are seeking anonymity for their funds, they don’t care about the price of TORN. Remember, people used Tornado Cash since last summer!

The only “scaring” we have is of people wanting to make profit from anonymity mining.

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I agree with you.

Hopefully some of them value anonymity and stay for the tech.