Fee - how much does it cost to use?

Couldn’t find info anywhere on the fee to use Tornado. How much does it cost me to run eth through it? Is it included in the gas?

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The biggest fee is associated with the gas costs. A deposit is about 1m gas. So 0.05 ETH at 50 GWEI, 0.1 ETH at 100 GWEI. A withdrawal will cost around 400k gas (0.02 ETH at 50 GWEI and 0.04 ETH at 100 GWEI) + the relayer fee which is between 0.05% and 0.2% depending on the relayer.

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Awesome, thanks! Maybe think about putting that info (esp relaxer fee) somewhere more prominent, couldn’t find it and therefore didn’t use yet:)

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Anybody else experiencing insanely high gas fees during deposit. This is my first time using tornado.cash. Metamask is showing me 266 USD for 170 Gwei for a 0,1 ETH deposit. gasnow.org is showing me 80 Gwei ATM.

Should I just change it manually to 80 Gwei instead of 170 Gwei and maybe wait for lower gas prices overall?

Thanks guys and gals! Appreciate any input


Gas prices are very high nowadays, to a point which 0.1 ETH deposits makes little sense since the fee will eat a good chunk of this 0.1 ETH. You can set a lower gas price for deposits and be patient but remember that you can’t control the fee on the relayer side, they are always using fast gas price.

I am it is between 300 and 650 to deposit. Is that right? Cant be…

This is accurate unfortunately. Only viable for whales at these prices

yeah, when tornado cash was developed it was like 6 gwei and $150 per ETH. Now waiting for L2, it’s easy to add arbitrum and optimism support once they release (in a few weeks as I understand)


so I’m also in the same boat.so sending to the tornado service is doable but receiving it back is where it gets ridiculously expensive? the fees I was seeing were over 200$ to use. was able to customize the gas fees, but I’m assuming the extra fees come from receiving the eth? someone mentioned that its a flat gas fee they use? brah!!!

Any plans for Tornado to move to optimism? How easy would that be? Would a move to L2 increase contract risk in any way?

In Discord he mentioned that they can move as soon as contracts are accepted!

Withdrawal usually costs 3x cheaper than deposit. 1.1M gas vs 0.4M gas.

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Tried making a deposit for 0.1 eth and gas fees were crazy high! I have 24 eth I want to deposit was just trying 0.1 to test it out. If I were to use all 21 eth would that increase the gas fee even more? Or would it stay the same?

The fee is not a function of how much you deposit. A deposit of 10 ETH would cost you the same as a 0.1 ETH deposit.

I think you omitted several fees. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  1. A deposit tx fee, about 1m gas (0.05 ETH at 50 GWEI, 0.1 ETH at 100 GWEI)

  2. A withdrawal tx fee, around 400k gas (0.02 ETH at 50 GWEI and 0.04 ETH at 100 GWEI)

  3. A withdrawal Relayer fee (for the DAI, ETH, WBTC that you withdraw) - 0.05% and 0.2% depending on the relayer (i.e. 0.05 WBTC if withdrawing 1 WBTC)

  4. A reward claim Relayer fee for the AP you withdraw (seems to be 7.74% of the reward right now)

  5. A reward claim tx fee (0.027 ETH at 50 Gwei)

I’m quite surprised by that 4th point - reward claim Relayer fee for the AP you withdraw - it seems pretty steep. Am I missing something?

The relayer is always compensated for the gas he is paying. In the case of AP claim/swaps you are paying for the gas in AP. For the AP there is a flat fee paid to the relayer (Regardless of the amount you are claiming or the relayer fee) and for AP swaps, the relayer fee applies. Not for AP claim/swap the fee ends up being higher than for deposit/withdraw of assets.