Voting is crucial for decentralized protocols. It is key to develop, upgrade and fund key initiatives. In this guide I will show how to review and vote on a proposal.

Similar to delegation, we first need to deposit (or lock) TORN tokens into the governance contract.

Go to:

Click Manage -> Lock Tab

Approve the governance contract to transfer your TORN tokens by clicking on the “Approve” button. Once the approve is confirmed, chose the amount you want to deposit and click “Lock”. Confirm the transaction in your wallet and wait for the confirmation.

Before the vote, the next crucial step is to review the proposal.
Legitimate proposals should have a dedicated post on under the category “Proposal”. The forum post will provide additional context and arguments on the proposal. Read the thread and make your own mind on the issue.

Once a proposal was submitted it should appear on:
Proposal are implemented in the form of a smart contract making changes to the system. It is therefore important to verify the address of the smart-contract and review its code. Find the address of the proposal contract here:

Look for the contract address on Etherscan and make sure that the source code is verified and readable.

Read the source code and make sure that it matches what is described in the forum post.

If you are not technical or not comfortable to read Solidity code, get someone you trust to review the contract for you.

If you agree (or disagree) with the proposal code, it time to vote!

A proposal have a voting windows of 3 days. This means that we have 3 days to reach the vote quorum of 25k TORN.

Important: Once you voted, your tokens will be locked for 8.25 days from the moment the proposal was submitted (the start of the 3 days voting period). After the 8.25 you can withdraw your tokens from the governance contract. Note that you can vote on 2 proposal at the same time without incurring additional lockup period (Only the most recently submitted proposal will matter for the 8.25 lockup).

To vote, simply click on the Green check mark or the the red cross depending whether you accept or reject the proposal. Confirm the transaction with Metamask and your vote is in!