Governance Guide — How to delegate

If you are a TORN token holder, you can delegate your voting power to someone else without having to send him the tokens.

IMPORTANT: If you delegate your tokens and that your delegate votes or initiate a proposal, your tokens will be locked for 8.25 days from the moment the proposal that the delegate voted on started. Note that that you can always undelegate at any time.

To achieve delegation, go to:

You first need to lock your tokens in the governance contract. Click Manage -> Lock Tab

Approve the governance contract to transfer your TORN tokens by clicking on the “Approve” button. Once the approve is confirmed, chose the amount you want to delegate and click “Lock”. Confirm the transaction in your wallet and wait for the confirmation.

The last step, is to make the actual delegation. Go again to

Click Manage -> Delegate Tab

Fill-in the address to which you want to delegate and click “Delegate”. Approve the transaction in your wallet and wait for confirmation.

The totality of your locked balance will be delegated.

You can undelegate at anytime. To undelegate simply use the “Undelegate” Button in Manage -> Undelegate Tab.

Beginner question here. Do I actually have to self delegate? I recall either self-delegating or it being automatic for Uniswap. If I want to vote myself, can I do it without delegating?

In other words, do I have to delegate to my own address to be able to vote with my locked TORN?

No, you don’t need to delegate to yourself in order to vote. You’re next step is to wait for the vote to start and cast your vote :slight_smile:

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