[Succeeded] Proposal #1: Enable TORN transfers


The TORN token was proposed by the Tornado cash team back in December. The token was airdropped to the Tornado cash users. However, beside claiming and voting, the token can’t be transferred to an arbitrary address. Starting from the 1st of February 3am UTC (Timestamp: 1612148437 to be accurate) it will be possible to activate token transfers with a governance proposal.

Find the token on Etherscan here.


This is an obviously very simple proposal. I will deploy a contract that simply calls the changeTransferability function on the TORN contract.

I have setup a repo with the proposal contract and some tests here:


Before starting the proposal, we need 2 things:

  • A TORN whale with more than 1000 tokens on a single address (Update: I found one)
  • 25k voting intentions in favor of the proposal. To signal your intention to vote, lock your token in governance now.

The voting period will last for 3 days from the submission time. If the vote is successful, we will have to wait 2 more days before the proposal can be executed.

At the time of writing, we are almost less than 5 days away from the unlock being possible. So the proposal could be submitted very soon.

I invite every TORN holder to already lock your tokens in governance to signal your voting intention. Let’s do it!

You can read the first part of this guide to learn how to lock your tokens in governance: Governance Guide — How to delegate


When will someone submit the proposal ?

I intend to submit the proposal once we reach around 25k tokens deposited in the governance contract. Track the progress here. Note that someone else might do it earlier.

How long will my tokens be locked if I deposit into governance ?

There is no locking upon depositing your token into governance. However, you will be locked upon voting during 8.25 days from the date the proposal your are voting on started. Every voter on a given proposal abide to the same locking schedule.

How long after the vote will transfers be enabled ?

If the proposal succeed, 2 days.

Can I delegate my vote to someone for this vote ?

You can delegate it to me if you wish, check this message.

Update, the proposal is live, GO VOTE NOW!

Contract address: 0x79667CE99bcd209eb439559Df031F18aC8f71a44
See proposal contract on Etherscan.


As a TORN holder I support this proposal, thank you for writing the contract. It looks good.


ready to vote! bags are on hold and waiting for the proposal

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Will vote yes on this

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Ayo let’s do this shit

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@bertmiller @CHICKENNUGGET @acegilz @ethdev great to see your support. Start to lock your tokens in the governance contract now. It’s important to see how much votes we already have.

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locked and loaded sers

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In favor. Will lock and load tonight.

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7.6k TORN deposited out of 25k on the 1st day. Awesome to see your support!
We will need to reach out little more…

In total 34 addresses deposited. I am still looking for a TORN whale with more than 1k tokens on a single address.


Good news, dude, will vote to support this proposal

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One quick note, if you are lazy to come back online for the vote later when it starts. You can already now delegate your locked token to me. My address:


Here is a guide for the delegation:

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I will also be putting my sizeable stack of TORN behind this proposal.


Where can I (visually) follow the amount of TORN deposited into the governance contract? Or if it is a single read call to a contract I might be able to do that as well via Etherscan.

Check the TORN balance of the governance contract:


As someone who’s been following Tornado since day 1 and might or might not be farming :wink: I fully support this.

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I support this project. XD

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really looking forward to this and what cool things happen. @Rezan are you planning to submit the proposal soon? i am sure i am not the only one excited :wink:

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When we are above 25k I will. It’s taking a bit more time than expected…
Of course I am super excited :wink:

:tada::tada: 25K is here. How much of a threshold do you evaluate that we need? None?