Torn tokens added to mixing?

Hi, will Torn tokens be added to the available tokens for mixing it would make sense to have the native token in the list.


This has been briefly brought up once or twice. Seems reasonable

One step in creating a formal proposal would be to figure out pool denominations, like:

  • 10 TORN
  • 100 TORN
  • 1k TORN

I think the addressable market for a TORN anonymity pool is orders of magnitude lower than the one of ETH. $100m market cap vs $36B for ETH. Therefore, I am not convinced of the utility of it.


Yes list TORN make sense. If my government can reach me thru my TORN, I won’t vote anything. I want to be part of this project but it’s too dangerous right now. Maybe some day our government can sue us for helping hacker, terrorist and other bad people using tornado… Boomers don’t have any limit !



TORN was dropped to exposed addresses, not to the mixed addresses. So there are almost certainly a large majority of TORN holders not voting bc they’d reveal their involvement in TORN governance, which can be especially dangerous depending on your jurisdiction

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Totally agree with this! We need to list TORN to improve the privacy of TORN itself!

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If we do this, we should design it in a way that TORN can still be delegated in governance while mixing. We don’t want to sacrifice quorum in the pursuit of this design

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Yes this is exactly what I am concerned about. The Torn airdrop is now in my “dirty” address. Moving it will defeat the purpose of having used tornado mixer in the first place.

there is not that big of a need for TORN-specific pools. maybe in like 9 years or something?

While I agree, I’m skeptical of the demand, what’s the harm in adding one TORN-specific pool to start. We might be surprised how many people are in @Pointman’s situation

Alternatively, @Pointman - you could sell your TORN from your dirty address and then buy it again with a clean address. Of course, you could risk the price changing between your buys and sell. But it’d likely be cheaper than mixing

Kinda pointless until TORN market cap grows by another 2 digits.

You don’t want to dilute the number of available pools. Keep them at the bare minimum if you want them to be more populated = more likely to do their job. Less is better!

Tornado cash project is not about making TORN a privacy coin, but turning ETH into a privacy coin (and most common ERC20s). TORN is for governance.

Currently you can just sell TORN on old address and buy on new one.


Selling Torn leaves me with either ETH or a stable coin in the dirty address, then needs to be moved into a clean address in order to buy Torn back. This still leaves a link from dirty to clean. Am I missing something? This isn’t about making Torn a privacy coin, it’s about having the option to mix the native token. I fail to see the harm in adding it to the list.

you are missing the step of moving ETH through tornado cash after swapping. TORN pools will likely always have lower privacy than ETH pools. Less pools -> more privacy in them.

Thank you. Yes mixing the eth would definitely work. Its going to be an expensive process overall.

I understand.